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Welcome to Minnesota Soccer Camps

Minnesota Soccer Camps is built on the vision and experience of Stefanie Golan, head women's soccer coach at the University of Minnesota. Coach Golan blends her past as a prominent player in the ACC and her current standing as a nationally recognized division one head coach to create one of the top soccer camp experiences in the country for players of all ages and levels. Minnesota Soccer Camps strives to not only create a great soccer experience for all their campers but for each and everyone of them to leave knowing what it will take to grow and develop into a player capable of making it to the next level.

Coach Golan was named the head coach of the Gopher's program in June of 2012. She was previously at West Point where she built a nationally recognized program and looks forward to doing the same here at the U. During her career as a head coach, she has won conference Coach of the Year honors, coached numerous All-Region and All Conference players and led teams that consistently win.

Coach Golan and her outstanding staff of college coaches and players know what it takes to grow and develop into an outstanding player and welcome the opportunity to take this journey with you.

                                               Date                                         Ages

         DECEMBER 14
                Open to all Boys/Girls, Ages 4-14

SKILLS ACADEMY 2          JANUARY 17                    Open to all Boys/Girls, Ages 4-14

COLLEGE ID CAMP I        DECEMBER 20-21           Open to all Girls, Grades 9-12

COLLEGE ID CAMP 2      DECEMBER 20-21            Open to all Girls, Grades 9-12  

COLLEGE ID CAMP 3       JANUARY 16-17               Open to all Girls, Grades 8-10           

*Please note for the College ID Camps there is a separate registration for field players and goalkeepers. Additionally, all Winter Camps do not provide room and board.              

Please Contact: Dave Golan, Camp Administrator   412-865-7776 or by email @